About Us

Each birthday has its own meaning, as well as each person who is born brings his or her own mission to this world. Therefore, birthday is a very meaningful day and it marks the passing of a year with countless experiences, emotions, both happiness and unhappiness in that year.

To you, what does a birthday mean? For me, birthday is a very normal day. Oh well, I’m another year older, I’m about to get old. BUT, I am very important about family members’ birthdays. It marks the little children who are growing up, becoming more mature, experiencing more life, feeling more about this world. But, it’s also a sadness for parents, they’re another year older, you can probably feel whatever that means. Please give your family lots of love.

A meaningful gift, a special printed t-shirt for a birthday. Do you think this idea is great? Wearing a shirt with your favorite print, your relatives or friends will feel happy and very grateful to you. Check out the store’s catalogs and you’ll find plenty of themes to choose from. From movies, animation, music to games and family, there are many other diverse topics.

Who are we?

We are a retailer of printed t-shirts. We want to create joy for everyone’s birthday. Therefore, our store only sells t-shirts for birthdays. We create thousands of birthday shirt designs for customers to freely choose from.

Our Way of Operation

We create beautiful designs for our customers. Customers just need to choose their favorite t-shirt and we will print the t-shirt immediately after receiving the order. We cooperate with the best quality t-shirt printing factories in the US and in some countries in Europe and Asia to be able to ship worldwide as quickly as possible.