Your personal information
When you place an order from our website, the personal information such as name, address, phone number, email address, credit card that you provide to us in order to place an order. We only use such information for the purposes of order confirmation, tracking your order, and contacting you with an issue with your order. We store your order information and we may share your information with our partners and allow them to contact you about the products and services covered by the order.
We do not share your information with third-party marketers, only when they use it for the purpose of supporting your order.
We will disclose information to the authorities and the law if they request assistance with the investigation.

Your credit card
Your credit card information will be processed by a PCI-DSS compliant third party, helping to ensure your information is handled securely.
RoosterMerch will not store your credit card information for any purpose, we have absolutely no access to your credit card. It is handled by a completely secure third-party payment.

Your email address
We only store and use your email address for the purposes of: order confirmation, order tracking code notification or issues related to your order.
We do not sell your email address to third parties for any purpose.

Your phone number
RoosterMerch only uses your phone number for the purpose of notifying your order and providing it to the post office for delivery to you.
We will not call for sales or advertising and we will not sell your phone number to any third parties.
We will usually text and not call, the messages will be related to your order, nothing more.

Information on the device used to place your order
After visiting our website to place an order, your information and browsing history may be recorded. This information is for order use only or may be used to notify you of new products similar to those you have previously purchased.

Rooster Merch uses Google Analytics and Jetpack by WordPress to place cookies on the browser. You can also install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on if you find it unnecessary.

We do not knowingly collect children’s personal information. When using our website, you represent that you have reached the age of majority where you have consented to allow children to use our website at your place of residence.

We use the highest measures to keep your information secure from loss. To protect your credit card, we have used SSL security technology, absolutely safe, card information is not exposed and stored with AES-256 encryption. We also comply with PCI requirements and implement security best practices to protect customer information.

Change privacy policy
We may edit the privacy on the website, so please update more often. If there is indeed a material change, we will notify you of the change and we will update the revised date.

If you have questions or need additional policy corrections, please contact us at [email protected]